The Douglas County Farmer's Co-Op Seed department offers a large variety of seed for both lawn and pasture use. We offer a variety of wildlife mixes for food plot establishment as well as inoculants for legume varieties. Commercial mixes are available in 2-50 lb. bags. DC Farmer's Co-Op also sells individual seed varieties by the pound. Custom mixes are available in bulk quantities--call the Co-Op for additional information about custom mixes. 

Examples of seed (many of which are available in multiple varieties) sold by the pound include: alfalfa, barley, bluegrass, bentgrass, brome, clover, fescue, oat seed, orchardgrass, ryegrass, and more!

Don't forget the fertilizer! Fertilizer application is important to quality seed establishment and DC Farmerís Co-Op offers soil tests to help you pick the right fertilizer for your needs.

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Fava Beans per lb.
Item # 3330050
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Item # 3330700
Gala Grazing Brome Seed per lb.
Item # 3330105
Lakota Prairie Brome Seed per lb.
Item # 3330080
Buckwheat Seed per lb.
Item # 3330110
Oasis Chicory Seed Coated per lb.
Item # 3330117
Alsike Clover Seed V.N.S. per lb.
Item # 3330130
Berseem Clover Seed V.N.S. per lb.
Item # 3330135
Crimson Clover Seed V.N.S. per lb.
Item # 3330140
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