Activyl Canine 89-132lb 3pk


Activyl Canine 89-132lb 3pk

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Activyl Canine 89-132lb 3pk

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Activyl is a monthly spot-on flea control for dogs. The active ingredient in Activyl is indoxacarb, which works by bioactivation - enzymes inside the flea activate indoxacarb and release its full flea-killing power. There is no known flea resistance to indoxacarb. Activyl stops fleas from feeding, kills all flea stages (egg, larvae and adult), and inhibits flea development in the environment.
* Starts killing fleas within 8 hours.
* Long lasting protection against fleas for up to one month.
* When used monthly, breaks the flea life cycle.
* Prevents and controls reinfestation.
* Approved for use on puppies > 4 lb and 8 weeks of age and older.
* Quick-drying.
* No fragrance added.
* Waterproof, remains effective after shampooing and bathing.
* Remains effective after exposure to sunlight.